1.      What is Obwageningen?

Obwageningen is a public library located in the beautiful and historic town of Wageningen, that provides and promote a fun environment and modern way of learning. It aims to create a fun way of learning and a habit of reading to the people of Wageningen and to everyone who visits the public library. It pursues an environment of learners and readers that actively shares knowledge through face to face communication. We, at Obwageningen, strive to create a socially responsible and intellect individuals for the growth of the society.

2.      How do I join?

If you want to join us and be part of our endeavor, you may register to this page and give us your name and email address. Subscribe on this site and receive notifications and newsletters. Receive invitations as well of our orientations, programs, and events. Get also some promo codes and special discounts from some of our partners on your Amsterdam Holiday, Amsterdam city trips, boat rental in Amsterdam, Van Goh Museum, Madame Tussaud museum and some other more.

3.      I care about the issues. What can I do?

You may send us a message through this site and give us your comments and opinions on the related to our activities. You may also subscribe to our daily events. Once subscribed you may receive some discount on renting a bike in Amsterdam and a discount from some online shops like Lazada or Zalora.

4.      Where can I find out jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities?

Subscribe on this page get the list of our available positions and be part of our dynamic activities. For our volunteering activities kindly message us on this page to find out the different activities that we have.

5.      I am a current member. How will I update my contact information in Obwageningen volunteering office?

Once registered on this page, you may update your contact information by clicking on your Account Profile and fill the necessary information. Rest assured that all personal information will be held confidential.

6.      Having trouble with my password. What should I do?

You can have your password changed and email to you by providing your email address registered at the Login page. Just click “Account Profile” and you will be able to change your password.