About Us

About Us

We, at Obwageningen, promote a culture of fun learning and a habit of reading. We believe that a public library does not have to be a boring landmark but should be a dynamic facility where different, and useful information can be found, where companionable readers and idealist can be socialized with, and where a culture of intelligence cab be experienced. Together with its positive and fun staffs, we believe that creating a facility such as this will lessen virtually associated culture but create a culture that knows the essentiality of face to face communication as well. Thus, by creating such culture and environment, a more sociable and intelligent individual can be raised.

Who we are

We believe that as we create a facility of learning with diverse ways and ideas, we at Obwageningen can contribute to growth, development and a more purposeful innovation which will help the society’s ever-changing needs. We believe that as we introduce the importance of reading and learning to the kids up to the matured individuals, a more effective individual will be raised and a more economically developed nation will be established. We are believing that as we raise and develop such individuals and community, different technological innovations, inventions and the like will be created that will to the advancement of the world’s discovery.

What we offer

We, at Obwageningen, has developed a lot of partnerships with some of the known companies, some of these are online shops like Lazada and Zalora. We also developed partnerships with some of the tourists’ destinations in Amsterdam like Madame Tussaud museum, Amsterdam Canal Tour, Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam and a lot more. Join us and get some special discounts from our partners.